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Lizzy Giordano


Liz was raised in Los Angeles where she became an actress in tv, film, commercials, and a print model. She was brought into the accounting and tax world when she met Bob 14 years ago and stepped into the administrative and customer service roles. She excelled as she loves working and interacting with people. In other words, she is the perfect combination of both sides of this firm; accounting and entertainment! 

She has two handsome grown sons that live in Los Angeles. They are also in the entertainment industry. She and Bob have 3 King Charles Cavaliers that are the center of their universe at home. Liz continues to dabble in the realm of commercials and entertainment and is a creator on Instagram and TikTok promoting age positivity and beauty tips for mature women. She is excited to work with the team and the clients.

Bob and Liz.jpeg

Owner CPA

Bob Ormiston

Owner, CPA


I hold a CPA license and have specialized in tax my entire career; I have extensive training in both Personal and Business tax. I worked as a Senior Tax Manager for the largest accounting firm in the world, Deloitte as well as a Tax Director for several multi-billion-dollar companies. Through these roles, I have acquired extensive knowledge over the years; however, my greatest strength is my capacity to uncover solutions to problems unknown. Through Lizzy, that beautiful lady right beside me, I began working with many clients in the entertainment industry. 


I also want to take a moment to thank Don and Sean for believing in us and giving us the opportunity to carry on their company. They have been nothing short of amazing during this entire process and it is very much appreciated! I know change is always a little unnerving, but please know our team will strive to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible. We truly are looking forward to getting to know all of you!

PS - I would like to point out that I may seem somewhat “stiffer” than Don at first, but once you get to know me - I’m actually a very nice guy and a joker at heart!

Bob Ormiston & Lizzy Giordano

Meet Our Team

Great service begins with great people and real experience which is why we put so much into choosing

the best people to join our team! We aim to not only meet your needs, but also to exceed your expectations!


Keyla (Key) Prieto


Keyla (Key) Prieto,

General Manager


Key moved to New York as a teenager and is a graduate of LIU. She is professional, reliable, but most important, she is empathetic, personable, and efficient in her role. She continuously strives to improve the functionality of our business and communications with each and every individual client. Key also actively leads our team to achieve our company goals and objectives. Her attention to detail and leadership qualities help our business immensely. 


Key's idea of a good time is cleaning. She also enjoys working out, is a great artist; and is very creative in candle making.


Juen Yang Goh

Administrative Coordinator

Yang was born in Malaysia and grew up in New York. He graduated from Baruch College with a Bachelors Degree in Corporate Communications. Alongside the administrative team, he strives to provide a structured and efficient work environment. He is readily available to connect with clients on all levels and answer any questions! 

Yang enjoys weightlifting, taking care of his dog Bella, and binge watching movies.

Tax administrative


Juen Yang Goh


Dan Chrispine

Enrolled Agent, Tax ASSOCIATE

Dan Chrispine,

Enrolled Agent/Tax Associate

Dan lives in Kenya and is excellent with our customer service support. Although many clients request Dan call them, it is best to communicate via email since he is on an entirely different time-zone. Dan also has an advanced certification in Federal Taxation, and he is taking courses of continuous taxation education to fall in line with the U.S' ever-changing tax regulations. He has trained with Alan Chan, CPA and has become one of our Enrolled Agent Tax Preparers.


Dan is into extreme workouts and is a devoted runner and biker, averaging 50km weekly.

Noah Wilps.jpg

Noah J. Wilps

Tax Data Entry


Noah J. Wilps,

Tax Data Entry Specialist

Noah was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but now lives where the sun always shines in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in film studies and fiction writing. He is a hardworking, highly motivated, and enthusiastic individual who enjoys constant learning and, above all else, strives to create an efficient and inclusive work environment.


Noah loves a good hike and believes that the best view can only be earned through a healthy amount of struggle. He also enjoys writing, film watching, playing retro videogames, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

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Seasonal tax preparer

Seasonal Tax Preparer

Many of our seasonal preparers have other commitments and prefer to work for the season; or will remain working with us during our off season to prepare for the upcoming season.

Some Tax returns are completed by our Seasonal Tax Preparers, then checked, and checked again by Bob before it's released to you. Rest assured, your Tax returns are in good hands!


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