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The IRS constantly posts the latest news on what they're up to, and helpful information, why not be in the know!
A key department focus is the balance of efforts to promote voluntary compliance—the cornerstone of the State's system of taxation—with the duty to enforce New York's tax laws. See the latest updates regarding New York State here!
NJ's objective is to administer State tax laws uniformly, equitably, and efficiently to help optimize State income for the provision of public services. The latest updates regarding your State are available here!
PTET is an optional (pass-through or flow-through) tax that entities such as Partnerships or S-Corps may annually elect to pay on certain income for tax years beginning on or after 01/2021. One of the main benefits is to avoid double taxation; Business earnings are only taxed once, on the owner or shareholder's personal tax return. 
In The Know...
Here, you will find some useful information regarding your taxes. Researchers work year-round to monitor industry-related news that can be useful to your particular tax situation. Where there is new legislation that affect tax laws, experts diligently communicate these changes and explain how tax regulations affect you. 
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