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• What are the Filing Deadline Dates?

Business Tax Returns (Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships) deadline: March 15th

• Last appointment for Business Tax Returns: March 11th


Personal Tax Returns (Including SMLLC's / Schedule C*) deadline: April 18th

• Last appointment for Personal Tax Returns: April 11th

Extended Business Tax Returns (Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships) deadline: September 15th

• Last appointment for Extended Business Tax Returns: September 10th

Extended Personal Tax Returns (Including SMLLC's / Schedule C*) deadline: October 17th

• Last appointment for Extended Personal Tax Returns: October 10th

Non-Profit 990 Forms: May 17th |  Non-Profit 990 Forms on extension: November 15th

To fill out a Business and/or Personal Extension Form, please visit our Helpful Links tab under EXTENSIONS.

For additional information, please visit our What We Do tab under EXTENSIONS

*If your company is a SMLLC (Single Member, LLC) / filing under a Schedule C - Your business income and expenses are reported on your Personal Tax Return. The Business March 15th original deadline / Business September 15th extension deadline does not apply to you.


• What should I do if I am unable to meet with Don before the filing deadline?

We can file a FREE 6 month Extension for you which will push your Tax filing deadline to*:

September 15th FOR Business Taxes.

October 17th FOR Personal Taxes. 

To fill out a Business and/or Personal Extension Form, please visit our Helpful Links tab under EXTENSIONS.

For additional information, please visit our What We Do tab under EXTENSIONS


Extensions allow additional time to FILE.

Extensions DO NOT allow additional time to PAY.

To determine if you owe:

We will need a completed Workbook no later than March 5th for Business and/or April 5th for Personal.

* We do not process Extensions without Authorization Extension Form(s).​

* Extension forms provided after March 15th for Businesses and after April 18th for Personal, will not be processed.

* Note: Extensions will only be filed for clients filing current year tax returns with us.


• I'm NEW here, what do I need to do?


Our process is a little different than most firms, and we understand Taxes are intimidating which is why we strive to make this as effortless as possible for each and every client.


We ask each of our clients to submit a completed Workbook and submit all required documents at least 24 hours in advance of their tax appointment; here you can view a sample Workbook. Workbooks provide a general idea of your current tax situation and help prepare/maximize your time with Don. During your appointment, Don will go over all information provided (W2/1099s, investments, expenses, etc.) so that we can complete the best possible return for you. Don will also often advise on a tax plan as you move into the next tax year to ensure that we can continue to deliver the best results for you, even during our off season.


EMAIL US, we will provide you with the necessary steps to get you started! 


• What are the appointment requirements?

1. A completed tax workbook 

a. If you have a business, you do NOT need to fill out two Workbooks. Please include any business income in your Personal Workbook and include the letters EIN leading the description; Don will sort the numbers with you during your appointment.

b. We do have business Workbooks available for our business only clients – and for those who feel more

comfortable with two Workbooks.

2. signed copies of the Data Verification & Fee Structure pages

a. If you do not have a printer, you may use DocuSign – IF you have this feature or find an app that will allow you to sign documents – typed in signatures are not acceptable.

b. For legal reasons, we will not release completed tax returns without these pages signed.

3. Any supporting documentation (i.e.: W2's, 1099's; etc.)

a. If you are a NEW CLIENT please upload a copy of your most recent Tax Return as well.

b. NEW! If you have a Business and elected into the optional NY Pass-thru Entity Tax (PTET) for the 2021 tax year, please upload your confirmation.

c. NEW! If you opted into the Child Tax Credit, please go to our Helpful Links tab under GOVERNMENT SITES and upload proof of your payments. 

d. NEW! Also in our Helpful Links tab under GOVERNMENT SITES, please click on Check Stimulus Payments and upload proof of your 3rd Stimulus payment.

4. Front & back photos of your Valid Driver’s License or a photo of your Valid Passport

      for each individual on the return

a. If you are a RETURNING CLIENT please check the overall “Permanent File” folder in your SmartVault account to make sure the ID saved is current.

5. A voided check (if you would like your refund to be direct deposited)

a. If you are a RETURNING CLIENT please check the overall “Direct Deposit Verification” folder to make sure this information is up-to-date.

b. You MUST email us confirming we can use the previous years voided check!

c. Refunds can also be elected to be direct deposited through filling out the corresponding Direct Deposit information section of the Personal Tab in your Tax Workbook however, we will still need a voided check or bank statement to verify your account.

To access our Workbooks from the Public folders of your SmartVault account, CLICK HERE.


If we're at capacity and there are no available appointments left before either of the deadlines, we can certainly add you to our waitlist.


We MUST receive all required documents + your completed Workbook(s) before we can add you to our Waitlist!

As a contingency, we will need you to fill out a Business and/or Personal extension form as well.


Since we tend to receive last minute cancellations, it is imperative that we receive all required documents and your completed Workbook before adding you to our waitlist; this ensures that we can reach out to you at a moment's notice and you will be ready for the proposed appointment.


If you do not have all of your documents just yet, no worries - provide us with what you do have and fill out your Workbook(s) as best as possible.



• How do I provide you with Documents if issuer does not provide documents online?

If you cannot obtain documents from your issuer digitally, you will need to request documents mailed to you from the issuer and scan or capture an image of each of your documents.

If you do not have access to a scanner, do not stress - your smartphone can do the trick! 

Take a photo and email yourself clear photos of the documents from your smartphone and:

  1. Create a Folder for each tax year on your computer and name it: XXYY Tax Documents

  2. Most documents are accessible through the entities' online portals. Contact the issuer to see if you can create an online account to download documents into the folder you have created on your computer OR if they can securely email you those documents.

  3. Fill out your Business and/or Personal Workbook, save it into the folder you have created on your computer.

  4. Open your SmartVault account and upload your clearly named (and legible) tax documents and Workbook.


Prefer a scanner app for your smartphone?

There are a few apps available for your specific smartphone.


• Do I have to provide a Workbook, or can I just provide Don with my documents?

Short answer, YES we do need a completed Workbook!


Workbooks provide efficiency for the allotted time of your appointment; because we are meeting virtually, a completed Workbook is critical for Don to be able to process your tax return as well.


• Your Workbook must be completed 1 full day prior to your virtual appointment. If you do not provide your Workbook and documents 24hrs in advance, we will need to postpone your appointment.* *

• Since we need ample time to prepare Workbooks and documents for each of Don's meetings, plus appointments are scheduled weeks in advance, since we have deadlines to contend with - if your appointment is immediately after any deadline, your Workbook and documents must be completed sooner; 48hrs in advance. * *

For example:

- Business deadline date 3/15 | Your appointment is 3/16: You must provide your Workbook + Documents by 3/14

- Personal deadline date 4/18 | Your appointment is 4/19: You must provide your Workbook + Documents by 4/16

- Business extension deadline date 9/15 | Your appointment is 9/16: You must provide your Workbook + Documents by 9/14.

- Personal extension deadline date 10/17 | Your appointment is 10/18: You must provide your Workbook + Documents by 10/15.

• Data Verification & Fee Structure pages are mandatory and must be signed.


*Cancellation fee will apply.

*Any cancellations will receive a rescheduled appointment once we receive all required documents 


• I have a Business; do I need to complete a Workbook for Business AND Personal?

Short answer, NO we do not need you to provide two Workbooks!

You can simply include any business-related items in your Personal workbook with the letters EIN leading the description. Don will sort the numbers with you during your appointment.


Of course, if you would like to fill out a Business workbook as well, that is an open option.


• I haven't received all of my Supporting Documents in time for my Appointment, what do I do?

It’s okay!

Provide us with what you do have, Don can still discuss everything with you during your appointment however, your return will not be completed until we receive all missing documents.


• Don is late for my Appointment, what do I do?

Just sit tight! Don’s appointments occasionally tend to run over, especially during the busiest times; or Don may need some time to go over your documents in between appointments - not to worry...


hang out in the waiting room on zoom, Don will be with you within 10-15 minutes.


• How do i access my tax return for an electronic pick-up?

Instructions for an electronic pick-up

WHEN YOUR tax DOCUMENTS ARE READY: Don or Alan will email you with a separate link to your SmartVault account. Please note: there are 2 separate SmartVault accounts for Personal and for Business, should you have both. If you have never logged in, you will need to create a password. If you have logged in before and forgot your password, you will need to reset directly with SmartVault by clicking on “Can’t sign in?” after entering your email, as we are unable to assist with this. click here for a helpful tutorial on SmartVault. 

WHAT the drtaxguy team NEEDs FROM YOU-

AUTHORIZATION SIGNATURES: Once logged in, you can print & sign the e-file authorization documents, drop them back into your SmartVault account, and notify us. If you do not have a printer, you may use DocuSign – IF you have this feature or you can find an app that allows you to sign documents – however, all signatures MUST look signed, not typed in. click here for a helpful tutorial on Authorization Signatures.

INVOICES: We will also send invoice(s) via Square for our services as we require both authorization signatures and payment prior to filing. To view the breakdown of your invoice, please see pages 2 and 3 of the Government Copy of your Tax return.

payments you may owe-

payment vouchers and estimated payment vouchers: If you owe any Payment Vouchers or Estimated Payment Vouchers, you will either need to mail in your payment(s) or pay online if the particular state you owe in allows online payments. To mail in, addresses are typically on the vouchers themselves; if not, we would have already provided you with an email containing the address(s) needed. click here for a helpful tutorial on Payment Vouchers. click here for a helpful tutorial on Estimated Payment Vouchers.

some clients may have-

forms to be printed, signed, & snail mailed: Please be sure to check this folder within your SmartVault account. Need help finding a mailing address, if we have yet to provide it for you, EMAIL US!

• In respect of client privacy, we used random content in videos to provide general ideas of how to achieve your ultimate goal(s).


• Why have I Not Received Any Correspondence from You?

If you have yet to hear from us, and you have an AOL, Yahoo, or Hotmail email, chances are - we have reached out to you!

Since AOL no longer has the support it once had, we do have trouble communicating regularly with AOL users. We recommend obtaining another email address, such as GMAILIt's super simple to set up and will ensure that you, or we, never miss an email again!

A secondary option for AOL users (though, not always effective) would be to add all of our email addresses to your address book within AOL.

don@drtaxguy.com, admin@drtaxguy.com, data@drtaxguy.com, contact@drtaxguy.com, verify@drtaxguy.com.

Yahoo and Hotmail users, please check your spam/junk folders as our email responses typically seem to end up there. 

If you are not an AOL, Yahoo, or Hotmail user, please CONTACT US and we will rectify the issue.


• What do I need to do if I Receive an IRS Notice?

First step is to send us the complete notice (all pages) you've received so that we can assess and further guide you on next steps. 

You can choose to EMAIL US the complete notice or upload it to your SMARTVAULT ACCOUNT and notify us.  

• Where's my refund?

Once we file your return, it is up to the IRS to issue you your refund(s). Often, especially in the times we're living in now, lots of patience is key; the IRS has been experiencing an extreme backlog.


To continuously check on the status of your refund(s), please go to the Helpful Links tab under GOVERNMENT SITES.


Listed are Federal, New York State, and New Jersey 'where's my refund' however, if you need an inquiry on any additional state(s), please EMAIL US and we will point you in the right direction.