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Rates & Deadlines

individual returns
$525 BASE* Fee

Married filing joint returns$
550 BASE* Fee


  • Includes Federal Form 1040, one State 2 page form, and three supporting Schedules. 

  • Additional State 2 page forms or additional supporting Schedules vary per client, and are $25 or $50 each, dependent on the particular Schedule needed.

  • Additional $100 fee for Pass-Through Entity Tax (PTET) forms.

* Base rates are subject to change based on

the complexity of your individual Tax return and/or

if additional bookkeeping is required.

snail mail$50

for FedEx 2Day delivery of your Tax return; fee will be added to your final invoice.

corporate and partnership returns
$900 Minimum Fee

business creations

S-Corp: $565 + $135 Filing Fee: $700

S-Corp Elections: $150

LLC: $500 + $200 NYS Filing Fee: $700

GP: $400 [additional filing fee may apply]

Other Misc. Forms: $75 each

1099 prep fee

$250 for the first 6 payees,

$10 for each additional payee. 

Deadline for 1099 submissions: January 31st )

consult services
During Tax Season Consultations:
$550 per half hour
Off Tax Season Consultations:
$175 per half hour, $300 per hour

federal audit representation
$500 initial retainer deposit / $250 per hour



Due to the taxing authorities attempt to increase tax revenue, an excessive number of notices are being issued by both Federal and State agencies. Consequently, we will be implementing a charge for our advisory services.

CPA letters

Personal or Business: $75 each

email us TO SCHEDULE an appointment!
all appointments are conducted virtually.
Electronic Filing Officially Begins January 2


Business Tax Returns

(S-Corp, LLC, GP)


Trust Tax Returns



Personal Tax Returns

(+ C-Corps & SMLLC)





(on extension up to:

September 16th)

(on extension up to:

September 30th)

(on extension up to:

October 15th)

(on extension up to:

November 15th)

See FAQ's tab under Deadlines for "Last dates for appointments" for each of the deadlines


• Returning Clients

(Business + Personal Only)

receive a $25 Early Bird Discount on Personal returns

IF meeting occurs AND all documents 

are received by February 15, 2024!


• Returning Clients

(Personal Only)

receive a $25 Early Bird Discount on Personal returns

IF meeting occurs AND all documents

are received by March 22, 2024!

Green Theme

We realize advance notice is not always possible; however we hope you will understand that there will be a $50 charge for cancellations/rescheduling without the required advance notice and/or if we are forced to cancel your appointment due to your not meeting our Tax Appointment requirements.


Our 24-hour policy is set in place so that Bob’s team has ample time to check over all submissions and prepare Bob for each of his meetings. Appointments are typically booked weeks in advance; we feel this allows you ample time to comply as well.

*any RESCHEDULE REQUESTS OR Cancellations will receive an appointment once we receive all requirements.

We require a minimum of 24 hours advanced cancellation notice


Please note: We strive to have all returns completed approximately 2-3 weeks after your appointment.  Please understand that if you are missing information at the time of your appointment with Bob, this may require additional time to process your return.  In this circumstance, Bob must fit additional time into his booked schedule to create an estimate of your return that was already done during your appointment to compare against the final approved return.  The more missing information at your appointment, the longer the possibility of delay of pickup to create such an estimate.  We ask that you be patient with the completion of your return in these instances that are beyond our control.

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